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Whether buying your first home or refinancing your existing mortgage, you’ve come to the right place. As licensed Chicago mortgage brokers with over 18 years of experience in residential, commercial, and construction lending we’ll finance your real estate expertly for you — no compromises, no surprises, and no hidden costs.

Over the past two decades, we’ve brokered thousands of mortgage transactions in the greater Chicago metropolitan area, providing our customers with impartial advice, the lowest negotiated rates, and the best financing terms.

We are committed to helping you find the loan product that best suits your needs based on your circumstances. Are you ready to work with a mortgage broker who’ll take your Chicago lending experience to the next level?

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Our process is fast and easy. Complete our online form and one of our certified brokers will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your financing needs. After that, it’s just a matter of following our step-by-step instructions! You can close your transaction in as little as two weeks without any hassle at all.

Low Interest Rates and Closing Costs

Save big and avoid hidden lender charges! Our preferred broker status allows us to find the most competitive rates and negotiate the best terms on your loan. That’s why we offer some of the lowest interest rates and closing costs in Chicago!

Instant Pre-approvals and Fast Closings

We understand how important it is to get pre-approved for a mortgage fast. With us, you can be pre-approved on the same day and close on your purchase in as little as two weeks!

Easy Application Process

Our streamlined process, dedication to customer service, and industry expertise will help you get approved for a loan with ease. We’ll guide you through every step of the mortgage credit application, from pre-approval to closing on your dream home!

Chicago First-Time Homebuyer Experts

First-time homebuyer? No worries! We’re not just a typical lender, we’re your trusted advisor, who keeps you informed and helps you choose the right financing strategy. And with our Chicago first-time homebuyer programs, you’ll fulfill a dream of owning a home with little to no downpayment!

Why choose to work with a mortgage brokerage in Chicago?

Obtaining a low-rate mortgage on favorable terms is a stressful and confusing process, no matter if you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor. The rates keep changing daily and the lending guidelines and policies frequently adjust to accommodate the everchanging Chicago real estate market.

In other words, without the right analytical tools or specialized knowledge, it is almost impossible to adequately compare two different loan products, not to mention comparing numerous offers from multiple lenders.

If this wasn’t problematic enough, mortgage underwriting often becomes complex, ambiguous, and stressful, leaving most borrowers lost and anxious to be done.

That’s why, according to consumerfinance.gov, as many as 50% of consumers fail to shop around before applying for a mortgage in Chicago, while 37% apply with just one lender!

Don’t put yourself at such a disadvantage!

Do not entrust the financing of your home — one of the most impactful financial decisions of your life — to a single lender that has a conflicting interest!

Working with a highly-skilled mortgage broker in Chicago gives you the edge when it comes to financing your real estate. A good mortgage broker will help you compare all the relevant financing programs from all the lenders available in your area, review and analyze the financing terms in detail, and ultimately help you decide on the option that’s the most favorable and beneficial to you, your family, and your current financial objectives.

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My wife and I are pleased with our choice to work with Mariusz. For a first-time home buyer, Mariusz was very informative and knowledgeable to calm our concerns. He offered the best rate available on the market at that time. We are amazed by his work and highly recommend him

– Iurii B.

It was my first time working with Mariusz, but defiantly not the last one. Mariusz is very knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to mortgages, he answered every single question that I threw at him. He was able to beat the competitors and offered the best rates available on the market at that time. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for a mortgage either as first-time buyers or experienced investors.

– Michal S.

Mariusz went above our expectations to get us in the home we not only wanted but needed ASAP while we were moving from Florida to Chicago. With a family of 4, we were really strict on our budget and Mariusz really managed well with our stresses to the point we were amazed by his work. I’m very impressed and he made our whole home buying experience a breeze. Walked us through all the steps we needed to take. Thank you, Mariusz your work has made our family extremely happy and thankful for all you have done!

– Kris

Mariusz was my loan officer for a few months during my short sale buy, it was my first home purchase so I didn’t know a lot about the whole process. Mariusz was helping me in every aspect, explaining sometimes the same thing over and over, he was very patient with it and his incredible skill of explaining and communication just made it so much easier. I will highly recommend Mariusz to anyone if I would have to bring a negative… there is none!! He is just a professional, honest, helpful, always on time, quick, knowledgeable, and patient… this list can go on and on. Truly all-around professionalism.

He is probably one of the best loan officers in the Chicago area. Thanks, Mariusz !!

– Greg L.

What’s the difference between mortgage brokers and Chicago retail lenders?

There are three main characteristics that differentiate Chicago mortgage brokers from retail banks:


Competitive pricing

Comprehensive advice

Choice > Mortgage brokers work with multiple lenders and offer numerous loan products.

While a typical monoline lender might feature a couple of mortgage products, a good Chicago mortgage broker will have access to dozens of lenders and a multitude of financing options for any given scenario. Many of these programs are niche mortgage programs available through wholesale lending only, which means they’re not offered by any retail branch in Chicago.

And since not all mortgage lenders follow the same lending guidelines and underwriting policies, an experienced mortgage broker will know where to take the loan to increase the likelihood of closing the transaction, reduce the hassle, and expedite the underwriting times for the customer.

Pricing > Mortgage brokers have access to better-priced loans with lower closing costs.

Mortgage pricing is dynamic and depends on many factors, such as the underlying risk profile, the federal funds rate, the secondary mortgage market, and current demand in real estate.

This means that the interest rates and closing costs vary significantly across different mortgage lenders.

And just like understanding which lender will ensure the highest probability of closing a loan, a good mortgage broker will also know which lender currently offers the lowest interest rates and closing costs on any particular mortgage type in Chicago. This is in addition to other pricing incentives, such as earned loan volume discounts or being considered a preferred Chicago mortgage broker.

Unlike in retail banking, wholesale lenders pay brokers for closed transactions only. There are no fixed salaries to be paid and no office overhead to cover. Therefore, borrowers who chose to work with a mortgage broker generally enjoy lower overall borrowing costs, including lower interest rates and closing costs than when financing their mortgage through a retail bank.

Advice > Mortgage brokers provide comprehensive mortgage guidance and assistance.

When borrowers or real estate agents seek solutions to complex property financing scenarios they turn to mortgage brokers for help and advice. That’s because mortgage brokers are qualified and licensed professionals who specialize exclusively in real estate financing. Unlike retail bank representatives, mortgage brokers do not open checking and saving accounts, or provide any other financial services, like selling life insurance, or credit cards.

And that’s a good thing because complex problems are best solved by qualified specialists rather than by generalists. You wouldn’t entrust a family doctor with an open heart surgery now, would you?

Without a doubt, an experienced and well-connected Chicago mortgage broker will ensure the highest success rate when financing real estate transactions in Chicagoland metropolitan area and make a big difference when it comes to negotiating better interest rates and more favorable mortgage terms on both purchase loans and refinance transactions.

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